a.)    Carousel

The Carousel or also known as Merry-go-round is considered as the most elegant of all amusement park rides. It was present to around 500 A.D. There were drawings from that time which shows that riders in baskets circling a post. It is one of the classical carnival rides. The ride consists of a stable and rotating platform with seats that moves up and down. The seats will be according to the theme. May it be horses, cows, etc.

b.)    The Haunted Mansion

This attraction is the scariest place on the happy paradise. On a certain mansion lie horrific beings like ghosts, scary creatures, murderous and bloody people, skeletons, and many other scary creatures.

c.)    Bumper Cars

If you are interested in driving cars, this is will give you experience. Kids and car lovers love this ride. This ride lets young kids experience driving cars without a legal license. Also, they can bump their friends for fun without causing harm.


d.)    Ferris Wheel

This should ride is one of the most classical rides ever. Almost every carnival and amusement park have this. This ride is like a large wheel which rotates slowly. This is usually good for dates for, in the highest part, it can get romantic. Many wedding proposals are done in this manner.